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The ESOL part of this website is broken into 6 sections:

  • ESOL for literacy learners
  • KET
  • Grammar
  • ESOL Publications
  • Useful Websites

These sub sections can be accessed by moving your mouse over the ESOL tab on the page bar at the top of each page.


List of websites that have stories which are supported by audio


1. Rong- Chang

100 free short English stories for ESL learners

with listening, grammar, comprehension, dictation exercises, and crossword puzzles

2. Easy World of English

The reading section of EWE has been designed to enhance the reading and listening skills of our students. This section has been divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and upper-intermediate. Each level is composed of 20 readings that have been carefully selected so that students can become familiar with many common topics, phrases, expressions, and general vocabulary.

3. Simple English News

Hundreds of stories, each supported by audio

4. Awsome Stories

All narrated stories are freely available, but you need to be a member of the site to access that feature. Once you log-on, an audio icon will be visible at the top of each chapter. Click on the icon, then follow the audio navigation prompts.

5. California Distance Learning Project

This is an american website which has stories with audio a number of topics also has good comprehension questions based on the stories.#

6. Read Online

This is a website developed by Tipperary ETB Adult Learning Scheme. It has topical stories suppoerted by audio and comprehension questions on each story.

7. Voice of America 

Topical Articles wit audio and comments from users. 


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