Adult Learning Scheme

Tipperary ETB Adult Learning Scheme

Group Tutor Guidelines 2015

Revised February 2nd 2015

Adult Learning Scheme (South Tipperary)

General Guidelines for Group Tutors

1. It is very important to fill in your class registers accurately and that you keep them safe. Registers

are the property of the Tipperary ETB and as such, are open to auditors. Please fill in registers

during or immediately after each session. Take attendance, record number of students present at the

bottom, number of hours taught and then initial the end of each column. Please skip some columns

between each new month as this makes it easier for us to read. If you are in any doubt about this

procedure ask your Resource worker or ALS Administration or the ALO.

2. Paper claim forms have been replaced with the DCS online claim system. Online claims are to be

submitted up to and including the last Friday of every month and must be completed by you within

five calendar days from that date.

3. Registers need to be submitted within five calendar days of the last Friday in the month or by the

date given to you by the Adult Learning Scheme. Any late registers / online claims will not be paid

until the following month. Submitting these on time is each tutor’s responsibility. Leave your

registers in the pigeon hole of your Resource worker or give them directly to your Resource worker

or the ALS Administrator.

4. Monthly reports: Tutors are required to submit written feedback monthly for each group; an online

reporting system has been developed and can be accessed through our website Click on the heading TUTORS, then MONTHLY REPORTS GROUPS.

Please complete and submit the reports by the last day of each month.

5. If a tutor arrives to class and no students turn up, the tutor will be paid for one hour, on the first

occasion. After this, it is the tutor’s responsibility to contact their students (either themselves or

through the office) before the next class to confirm attendance for the next class. Tutors will not be

paid if all students fail to show up more than once in a row. If there is a problem of any kind

regarding students’ attendance, I would appreciate it if tutors could pass this information on to their

Resource worker or the ALO as soon as possible.

6. Without exception the minimum number of students necessary to form an adult literacy group is

four. Tutors with groups of four must make an extra effort to encourage full attendance. Every effort

will be made to keep a group going if it drops below four; however, if low attendance continues, it

will not be possible to continue getting paid for these hours as a group with less than four students is

not viable (from Department Of Education and Science Adult Literacy Programme Operational

Guidelines for Providers 2013).

7. All group tutors need to be aware that paid hours can and will fluctuate from term to term, according

to demand for a particular class and available budget.

Revised February 2nd 2015

8. Tutors are expected to be familiar with our QQI (formerly FETAC) Quality Assurance policies and


9. Tutors are expected to attend class planning and evaluation meetings with your programme

coordinators/resource workers/ALO. Where tutors are requested by their ALO to attend specified

meetings, tutors will be paid half- time. For example, if a specified meeting lasts for three hours, tutors

will be paid for 1.5 hours. There will be no travel payable. The purpose of these meetings will vary,

and the ALO will need use her discretion when planning such meetings to enable them to live within

their budget. Meetings organised by tutors without ALO approval are not eligible for payment. If in

doubt, tutors should ask their ALO.

10. Tutors are expected to plan and deliver all classes they are contracted for, except when away at

approved tutor training or in unavoidable circumstances. In order to ensure continuity and minimum

disruption for our students, there are two options available if you are away on approved tutor training

when you are scheduled for tuition:

a. Arrange appropriate substitution with the approval of the Adult Literacy Organiser and

programme Coordinator/Resource Worker. Class plans and relevant materials must be

provided to the substitute. The substitute tutor will claim payment for these hours and will fill

in the class register.

b. If arranging substitution is not an option, you can reschedule your class in agreement with

your students and with the approval of the ALO and programme Coordinator/Resource


11. There will be times when there are national, once-off workshops, e.g. organised by

NALA/AONTAS, etc. Where attendance is agreed by the ALO, travel and workshop fees for such

once- off training days will be paid by the ETB.

12. In respect of courses necessary to gain qualifications which are regarded as a pre requisite or

important for the role, there will be no travel or payment made to tutor.

13. These guidelines are subject to change depending on various factors, such as ETB policy, funding,




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